We are currently hiring practitioners for our 1590 St. Mary's Road location!

Holistic Alternative Therapies

Osteopathy • Massage Therapy • Athletic Therapy

At Kinetically Whole Therapies, we strive to be a place of healing in all domains.

Our name is an interpretation of our theory of healing. Our bodies are motion beings on many levels & our goal is to help bring wholeness to our system in whichever way that is needed by the person in front of us, with the skillset that we have.

Our Guiding Principles

Human First

Your therapist should treat you as a whole, take into consideration your history of incidences and injures but also your home life, your work life, and your goals and dreams. THIS dictates your amazing quality holistic care.
No one therapist can likely hit all the dots, BUT we are a source of inter-connection. Whether that be another practitioner or a community of like interests! This, in our opinion is what sets apart a truly amazing practitioner from the rest. 
Let’s continue providing that well rounded HUMAN FIRST holistic care. 

All is connected & nothing works alone

The staff at Kinetically Whole Therapies believe that systems of the body work together. The body is connected in so many ways and on so many levels. This interconnection in our opinion matters when it comes to the care that we provide. This is our extension of being whole.  
Wholeness = Free of obstructions. Free to Flow. Examples might be:
Joints to receive adequate fluid. 
Muscles to contract & stretch with ease.
Blood can freely flow.
Lungs to expand & contract.
Organs can freely shift & rebound.
Nerves without pinches.
Energy systems that can adapt to stressors & the ability to find peace and calm in storms. 
When the body has the space to do what it’s meant to do, our natural healing processes do the rest.

Movement is medicine

Kinetically Whole Therapies was founded on the belief that most situations improve with movement. Stagnancy is the problem and movement in some capacity is usually the answer.
Moving our physical bodies enables so many bodily processes to improve even when it feels like the last thing we want to do at times. Moving around stimulates our natural muscle pump to help with all fluid systems in the body. It’s a process that connects brain to body improving neural connectivity & ultimately quality of life.
We also believe that movement means the movement of the systems within our body. This means blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, joint and peritoneal fluids, the connectivity of our nervous systems, the pleura of our lungs etc.
When this movement of body systems is working, our natural healing tendencies are optimized. When optimized our bodies do the job they are meant to do, which is to keep us not just alive but to thrive. 

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Why Kinetically Whole Therapies?

We are more than just another multi-disiplinary clinic. We are a clinic that has similar treating philosophies despite our differences in the treatments & modalities that we provide.
We embrace and hone into each of our therapists passions and skill sets. We learn from each other to ultimately ensure we are at the top of our game when it comes to helping people heal.
Our workplace is one of peace & calm. A place of true healing & connection.

We're Hiring!

We are currently hiring practitioners for our 1590 St. Mary’s Road location! We are interested mostly in you  & your treating philosophy. We are curious about how you bring healing to people. If our clinic resonates with you, we want to know you! You can send us an email at info@kineticallywhole.com or call us at 431-482-2853