Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I book an Osteopathic Treatment for?

It is encouraged that your first appointment is booked for 1 hour. Based on our discussion, assessment and plan of treatment, shorter or longer sessions may be an option. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic manual therapy is a form of holistic manual therapy, based on the tenets of natural healing, and focuses on the inter-relatedness of the human body. Osteopathic manual practitioners, extensively study the anatomy of all the body systems to understand their many connections. This knowledge is the osteopathic manual therapists’ s guiding tool in treating dysfunctions, whether that be for acute or chronic conditions.

Osteopathic Philosophy 101:

  1. The body is a unit, therefore dysfunction anywhere in the body can be detrimental to you.
  2. Structure & function are connected.
  3. The body is a self-regulating, self-healing unit.
  4. The body is defensive & it was designed this way to optimize healing.
  5. The body is meant to adapt, therefore when this ability is disturbed, the integrity of the system disintegrates.
  6. Rational treatment is based on the above principles.

How will a Manual Osteopath help me?

  • Osteopathic manual therapists work with mobilizing all aspects of the body, that is bones, joints, tissues, fascia, fluids, viscera etc. As we believe that dysfunction can occur at any place in the body.
  • Osteopathic manual therapists will use their hands to assist in your recovery. The hands-on mobilization of these structures aims to release tight muscles, restrictions in joints to free nerves, blood vessels, lymph flow, and spinal fluid flow as well as blockages between organs. This freedom then allows the body to self-heal.
  • Depending on how your practitioner evaluates your condition, all treatments are methodologically unique.
  • You receive one on one time with your therapist. Allowing for a comprehensive understanding of why you are seeking treatment, and time to treat this reason.
  • Your osteopathic manual therapist is educated in asking about daily activities that may have perpetuated the onset of your condition and will help to create a plan of action for any warranted changes. Understanding proper ergonomics, a healthy diet, exercise plan etc. is part of understanding every person as a whole.
  • Osteopathic manual therapists have great working relationships with other healthcare providers and practitioners in the Winnipeg community. If there is speculation that treatment requires additional support, osteopathic manual therapists will refer to their partners in therapy, ie. physiotherapists, exercise professionals (ie. personal trainers, exercise consultants), nutritionists etc.

What Does Kinetically Whole mean?

Kinetics – a branch of science that deals with the effects of forces upon the motions of material bodies or with changes in a physical or chemical system OR: the mechanism by which a physical or chemical change is affected.

Whole – physically sound and healthy: free of disease or deformity

Do You Direct Bill to Insurance Companies?

Tiffanie is a Registered Manual Osteopath (RMO), through the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths (CRMO). She is also a member in good standing with the Manitoba Osteopathic Association (MOA) and the Alliance Canadienne Médicine Alternative (ACMA). 

Jedd is a Registered Massage Therapist & Registered Manual Osteopath, through the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths (CRMO), Manitoba Osteopathic Association (MOA) and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). 

Please double check with your insurance provider prior to receiving treatment with Kinetically Whole Therapies if you are planning to submit a claim.

Kinetically Whole Therapies will not bill to your insurance provider on your behalf. Receipts are always distributed, which you can use to submit on your own. Depending on your plan, you may or may not have benefit coverage for our services. Under no circumstance is Kinetically Whole Therapies responsible for any denied insurance claims.