Massage Therapy

Massage, is a hands-on therapy which addresses the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to help treat pain, dysfunction, injuries and stress.
Choosing massage therapy as a part of your wellness plan, is beneficial in assisting to maintain body balancing, encouraging proper biomechanics, to decrease wear and tear from activities of daily living, educating about improving movement patterns, and learning new techniques to keep your body functioning at its best. Massage is a therapy approach that you won’t regret adding to your overall wellness tool kit.
Curious whether massage therapy is the right fit for you email Brieanne our Registered Massage Therapist at for more information.

Book a Session with Brieanne

30 Minute Session - $40

60 Minute Session - $80

75 Minute Session - $100

90 Minute Session - $120

Insurance Billing

Brieanne is accepted by all major insurance providers. However, it is always your responsibility to ensure you have coverage with your benefit plan, therefore double check prior to booking your massage.
She does not direct bill, and payment must be made prior to or at time of treatment. Brieanne currently accepts e-transfers, cash, or cheque as forms of payment.