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“Upon returning to my desk job after a 14 month maternity leave, my lower back and hips started to give me problems. A friend suggested an osteopath. Tiff, was very professional and knowledgeable in her approach. Her assessment was focused and personalized. I appreciated the time she took to explain what she was doing throughout the treatment. I was genuinely impressed with the pain relief I felt after only one visit. She has a client for life.”

Karen J

“The first time I was treated by Tiffany was after a snowmobile accident. The damage was to my shoulder, I could barely lift my arm 45° away from my body. She made me feel very comfortable and after our session I had full range of motion with my arm. She has a unique style of therapy which I found very effective. I was lucky enough to have immediate results. I am still sore, so I had a second appointment with her and have my third one booked. Results are amazing. I can’t believe how much of a difference one session made. I have gone to Physio, chiropractors and had deep tissue massage therapy and still did not have the results I had seeing her.”

Kathern M

“I went from not knowing what osteopathy is, to swearing by it. I have been to all sorts of different therapies to help my shoulders, and after 2 sessions with Tiffanie I have little to no pain and have gained a much better range of motion. If you are on the fence about giving osteopathy a try, do yourself a favor and just do it! You won’t regret it.”

Ashley C

“It was my first time seeing an osteopath, Tiffanie made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. She was very knowledgeable in the bodies movement and was able to help calm down some of my pain that I had been experiencing for awhile now. Even after our appointment, she checked in with me on how I was feeling, now that’s amazing care! Definitely will be returning! Thanks again Tiffanie!”

Brittany S

“I came to Tiffanie with excruciating low back pain, numbness & tingling shooting down my legs that I’ve been dealing with for quite some time. I tried all the ’things’ massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise therapy with no relief. I would wake up in the morning feeling paralyzed and scared to move. After just 1 treatment, I felt immediate relief & the days following my pain kept diminishing & my quality of life kept improving! I continue to see Tiffanie for the other chronic muscle issues that I experience & after every treatment it just keeps getting better & better. Osteopathy is by far the best combination of treatment I’ve ever experienced & would highly recommend Tiffanie for not only her hands on skills but her knowledge, passion & caring nature.”

Jamie S

“I’ve been unable to reach behind my back for several years, making it a daily challenge just to put a bra on! I’m a hairdresser & the repetitive style of my job definitely does not help the chronic aches & pains of my shoulders, upper back & even lower back from constantly standing on my feet. Immediately following treatment I was able to reach behind my back & 6 weeks later I continue to do so. My low back has never felt better! Got chronic aches and pains, you won’t regret giving KWT a try!”

Natalia D

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