HER Coach

HER Coach is a strength & movement-based exercise program designed specifically for pregnant & postpartum woman. Based on the HER philosophy; Healing, Empowerment & Rehabilitation, this program will guide you through your athleticism during these next chapters.
There is a lot more to exercise during pregnancy & postpartum than the old adage of “do what you’ve always done” or, “just listen to your body”. These messages are not enough. Exercise during these chapters requires considerations to meet the demands of carrying a child, delivering a child & recovering from having a child. HER Coach is committed to delivering a quality exercise experience that is not only evidence-based but practical & functional. Once you’ve had a baby, you are postpartum for life.

What does HER stand for? Healing, Empowerment & Rehabilitation”

Healing: The definition of healing is the process of making or becoming sound or deathly again. Your story into motherhood is important because regardless, you need time to heal. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Pregnancy changes our body which requires a different approach when we talk about exercise. Birth is a trauma that requires a different approach to postpartum. Pregnancy, birth and your transition into motherhood is a journey. HER Coach wants to helper athletes embrace these chapters and give you functional and practical exercise guidance moving forward.
Empowerment: HER Coach will strive for you to feel empowered. Empowered to trust your body, empowered to embrace the unknowable during pregnancy and after. Empowered to know you have resources and team on your side. Whatever your story might look like, empowered to be and do exactly what you need at this moment. HER Coach wants to help deliver the exercise tools and guidance that you can trust for each stage of the adventure. To work with you to make sure you feel empowered not only inside the gym but outside too. Motherhood doesn’t discriminate and postpartum is for life.
Rehabilitation: Carrying a child places changing structural demands on a woman’s body and birth is exhausting emotionally and physically. Our bodies need time to heal and to heal requires rehabilitation. You are worth giving space and time to re-connect and re-focus. HER Coach will help guide your prehab athleticism during pregnancy and your rehabilitation postpartum.